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The Baitrunner DL sits proudly in the mid-range of the ‘traditional’ Baitrunner reel design. High quality engineering, hidden inside a stunning smoke-grey body is a proven winner, making the ‘DL’ a great choice for serious or occasional carp and specimen anglers.
If you decide that you want to buy the Baitrunner DL, one of the biggest shocks you will get is the price. Whilst this mid-range Baitrunner has all of the quality you would expect from a Shimano reel, including the original Baitrunner freespool mechanism, it actually costs less than many of the ‘copies’ made by other manufacturers! Match the 10000 size with any mid-strength test curve carp rod and you’ll have a great balanced set-up. Or combine the 6000 size with a lighter rod, or specialist model for a lighter combination. Whichever you choose you’re onto a winner.
The Baitrunner DL uses a combination of Shimano Shielded Stainless Steel Bearings and a Roller Bearing to produce the reassuring smoothness that all Baitrunner owners know so well. It’s difficult to describe, but once experienced it’s never forgotten. And when it comes to casting, the AR-C spool, combined with the Varispeed line lay ensures line leaves the spool just as smoothly as it went on. Both the 6000 and 10000 sizes are fitted with a double handle, which is beautifully balanced, whilst providing enough power to control the largest of fish.

Gírun: 4.6:1

Línumagn: 0,30-270, 0,35-240, 0,40-140

Kúlulegur: 3

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