Scientific Anglers Volantis Integrated Intermediate/Sink 3 flugulína

15.990 kr.

Volantis Integrated Intermediate/Sink3 flugulína


Your go-to fly line for seatrout and, not least, for seabass. This integrated line gives you the best of two worlds: The loading capabilities and casting distance of a shooting head, and the presentation and feel of a traditional WF line. It excels in deeper water and in tidal currents or when fishing baitfish patterns at high speeds.

A long-casting, long-lasting integrated fly line that helps you target big seatrout at a distance, covering water like a pro. This line will help you get below the chop and discover what’s below, as well as help you fish flies at high speed without skirting the surface.

Compact and powerful integrated shooting head
Load rods quickly with minimal false casts
Cut through the wind with ease, and turn over all types of flies
Vibrantly colored tracer aids in identifying the back of the head at distance or in low light conditions
Braided multifilament core, stays supple in cold conditions
Intermediate running line / Sink3 shooting taper
Designed and developed by Flyfish Europe

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