Scientific Anglers Headway Single hand/Switch Integrated Flotlína

17.990 kr.

Headway Integrated Flotlína


Headway Single Hand/ Switch is a truly unique shooting head/ integrated shooting head system developed for seatrout & salmon anglers. The tapers are designed to perform equally well for spey/ underhand casts as overhead casts with distance and powerful turnovers in mind.

Due to the adaptability of the bellies together with the Headway interchangeable tips we have created the most versatile belly/ tip system on the market. This system is fully customizable.

Based on skillset, fishing/ river conditions or rod type there is a belly/ tip combination available, whether you’re into “Skagit style”, “Scandi Style” lines or a hybrid version of the two.

Interchangeable tips in 5 densities from float to sink 7 ensures versatility in fishing situations.

The 14g, 16g, 18g & 20g bellies can all be combined with the Headway tips in 9’, 12’, 15’ & 18’. This means there are belly/ tip combinations starting from 6wt single hand rods, through Switch rods and up to 7/8 wt and 8/9 wt double hand rods, making this system the first of its kind in the fly fishing industry.

Rear weighted powerful shooting head developed for longer casts and line control
Designed to be used with Headway tips (They do not work properly without)
Paired with Headway interchangeable tips ensures turning over heavy flies and long leaders with ease
Slim loop-to-loop connection between head and Headway interchangeable tips provides a smooth and seamless transition
to eliminate hinging, and provide a straight-line connection to the fly
Vibrantly colored tracer aids in identifying the back of the head at distance or in low light
Shooting Texture allows the line to easily be lifted before the next cast
Designed in collaboration with Flyfish Europe specifically for the demands of European salmon anglers

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