Primal Conquest-Surge fluguveiðisett

24.990 kr.

Primal Conquest fluguveiðisett

FlyLab Surge fluguhjól

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Stærðir: 5-6-8


These rods have everything you need, and nothing you don’t, for your next fly fishing CONQUEST. Designed to be easily cast and forgiving enough to allow the newcomer to have a great time on the water, this rod range provides solid fishing tools that perform beyond what the price point indicates. All you need to get started fly fishing for trout, grayling and other sportfish in your local rivers and lakes.

We start with our UHC technology of an ultra-light helical core to support hoop strength and stabilise the blank in flex.

Primal’s low mass scrim technology maximises hoop strength without dampening the rod via adding additional weight like traditional glass scrims.

At Primal we use custom off axis prepregs that, when rolled, ensure the important longitudinal fibres are aligned along the length of the blank. The result is more feel, improved energy flow throughout the cast and lightning quick recovery rates.

  • High modulus 55MSI blanks
  • Low mass single foot guides
  • UHC – Ultra Light Helical Core
  • LNR – Longitudinal Fibre Alignment
  • LMS – Low Mass Scrim
  • Codura rod tube with carry strap
  • Cloth rod bag
  • 4pc travel design
  • Supported by Primal Quick Fix warranty service
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